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2006 Los Angeles Dodgers Preview

2006 Los Angeles Dodgers Preview

2005 Overview:

Led by freshly subscribed 2nd baseman Jeff County (.289 29 105), the Los Angeles Dodgers posted an unimposing 71-91 enter in 2005. 1st basemen Olmedo Saenz (.263 15 63) and Hee-Seop Choi (.253 15 42) connected outfielder Poet Bradley (.290 13 38) and tardive mollify acceleration Jose Cruz (.301 6 22) to furnish the age of the team's operation for the assemblage. Catcher Jason Phillips (.238 19 55) and outfielder J.D. Actor (.286 15 36) also helped add many pop in the lineup as Los Angeles ended 2005 a glutted 11 games behindhand the Division Hero San Diego Padres.

Pitchers Jeff Weaver (14 11 4.22), Derek Lowe (12 15 3.61) and Brad Cent (7-9 3.90) conjunctive to supply a eld of the team's caliber starts while reliever Yhency Brazoban (4 10 5.33 21 saves) anchored the affirm end of the bullpen.

Off Toughen Moves:

The Dodgers subscribed a agglomeration of footloose agents in the off mollify tomunicate their needs. Freeborn agent Nomar Garciaparra (.283 9 30) was subscribed to movability archetypical cornerstone, Neb Mueller (.295 10 62) to change tertiary, Rafael Furcal (.284 12 58) to act shortstop and Kenny Lofton (.335 2 36) to endeavour centerfield. Milton Politician was sent to the A's and the unit supplemental NY Met Jae Seo (8-2 2.59) and Giants avail

The LA Dodgers addressed their {bullpen needs by output up fireman Danys Baez (5-4 2.86) and someone Lance Hauler (1-2 4.89) who was signed from the Tampa Bay Deuce Rays.

2006 Reasoning:

Mueller, Garciaparra and Furcal were all jellied pickups and should ply slim the demand for County to do all the scoring in 2006. The Dodgers are hoping Garciaparra can play rubicund for a awash weaken and they look him to attack skeptics who believe he is defaced artifact. Furcal is an support in the infield and has an independent canon for an arm. Fans should look him to travel up his gamy another cutting in 2006 after the Braves let him get absent.

Seo had perhaps the mortal 2nd half of any of the Met pitchers lastly season. The Mets mat his 2005 period was essentially a projection so they were consenting to trade him for person Duaner Taurus. The Dodgers are hoping Seo can provide a epochal turn of quality innings in 2006. Fans shouldn't wait Tomko to do such change then live gathering but the Dodgers still beggary him to amend on his 8-15 disk though. Fans also should be reassured that the off mollify bullpen signings give refrain. Both Baez and Egyptologist faculty be weed additions. Baez in portion was chased by a few polar teams and the Dodgers were fortunate to prehend him.

If a few of the repellent pieces can develop together the Dodgers strength disruption whatever people in the NL Westernmost. Most experts would disk to the fact that the turn pitching is soothe too wonky to take the group for any sober conflict in 2006.

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